MICROBIO 562 Environmental Biotechnology

Microbial Biotechnology is a laboratory course supported by lectures and demonstrations. This advanced course is designed to introduce upper undergraduate and graduate students to traditional and molecular methods strategically applied to problems related to microbial biotechnology and environmental microbiology. Course topics cover a wide range from the diversity of microbial life to biodegradation. Seven general areas are emphasized: (1) Statistical sampling and chemical and physical site characterization, (2) biomass determination and cell counts, (3) enrichment techniques, (4) microbial activity measurements, (5) single cell detection in situ, (6) sequence analysis followed by taxonomic and phylogenetic analysis, and (7) other modern techniques of environmental microbiology. Instruction will be primarily through lectures, handouts, and informal discussions based upon materials provided and experimental observations, as well as current primary research literature or topics in the news.  The class begins with broad sampling concepts and quickly moves to practical applications.
Semester(s) offered: 
MICROBIO 312 with a C or higher.