Undergraduate Program Overview

We are a small but powerful program that allows you to explore molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics, immunology, biotechnology, ecology, and the evolution of microorganisms and the immense impact they have on our world.

We offer both a microbiology major and a microbiology minor, as well as a Fifth-Year Master’s Program that allows academically strong students to swiftly earn a graduate degree, enhancing their academic background before entering a professional career.

Our students are highly sought after by industry, health care, government agencies, post-graduate programs, and academia for their comprehensive training in multiple
facets of microbiology.

Interested in Our Major?

For undergraduate advising or to change your major to Microbiology, students can book an appointment online with an academic advisor. To learn more, login to Navigate, then find Microbiology under Advising > Explore How to Declare or Change Major > Microbiology.

A Research-Driven Approach 

With a comprehensive curriculum, state-of-the-art education tools and hands-on experience, our department prides itself for providing holistic research and training in all aspects of microbiology. These opportunities to engage in fieldwork and independent projects set us apart from many microbiology programs that are focused almost entirely on clinical microbiology in medical schools. 

Graduates who enter the job market with experience have an advantage.

You’ll work directly on specific projects run by faculty members who oversee a laboratory, and participate as part of a team with other undergraduates and graduate students. For many, much of what is presented in the classroom suddenly comes alive, bringing new relevance to courses and providing a fresh source of comprehension and motivation. We also have a Microbiology Club that’s open to anyone in any major who’s interested in learning about the field. 


Why Choose Microbiology?