MICROBIO 565 Molecular Genetics Lab SEA-GENES

SEA-GENES is a course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) that builds on the skills and concepts learned in BIO 153 (SEA-PHAGES). MICROBIO 565 will explore bacteriophage gene function. More specifically, students will work collaboratively towards generating a gene expression library comprising all of the genes in a mycobacteriophage genome. Using this library, students will systematically screen the ability of each phage gene product to modulate specific bacterial host phenotypes. For example, students will explore whether expression of a given phage gene can inhibit host growth. Genes of interest can then be screened against the bacterial host proteome in a 2-hybrid selection assay to identify putative host target(s). Interactions identified in the 2-hybrid assay will represent candidate phage-host interaction pairs, potentially linking phage genes to host phenotypes, proteins and processes. Students will make important contributions to the broader scientific community, generating useful molecular tools and experimental observations to inform gene function studies, while gaining experience in fundamental techniques of molecular biology, genetics, and microbiology.

Semester(s) offered: 
MICROBIO 312 with a C or higher