MICROBIO 311 Foundations in Microbiology

This course will introduce Microbiology majors to the extremely diverse and exciting world of microorganisms. The course begins with describing the basics of microorganisms: structure and function, metabolic pathways, physiology, and genetics. These topics are used as a base to discuss more complex microbial systems we study in environmental microbiology, medical microbiology, and applied biotechnology.   We will explore the wonderfully extensive diversity of microbes and discuss this diversity within the context of evolution and what `species? means in microbiology.  We will explore the interactions between microbes and humans, including the influence of microbiota on the health of humans, plants, animals and the environment.   We will also discuss historical and current innovations where microbes have been used to make great advances in research and biotechnology.

Semester(s) offered: 
Fall and Spring
BIOLOGY 152 and CHEM 261